Custom Orders for Fluffy Collection


I’m here to help you place your custom order for the Fluffy collection pieces step by step:

  1. Choose which pieces you would like to custom order (Bikini Top, Bikini Bottom, Shorts, Skirt, Fluffy Bucket Hat)
  2. Choose your sizes for each piece.
  3. Choose color, (Cozy queen, Strawberry, Mix Blues, Cam, Black, Pink, Maxi Blue) Color availability might vary.
  4. Your name and shipping address. 
  5. To place your order with all the information above you can DM me at or send an email to with subject: I want a custom fluffy order. And I will get back to you with the total of your order and form of payments. 

I look forward to get your Custom Order so you can enjoy your Fluffy pieces❤️🧶.